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We’re determined to provide you with the resources you need! The Unemployment Guide is a directory of resources provided by state or federal governments and is in no way affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by the federal government, any other governmental body or any private entity offering similar benefits.


We have created a list of resources to help you during the Coronavirus crisis.

Health Insurance

We have some resources to help you below, or you can see a list government healthcare and medical assistance links

Disaster Relief

Disaster benefits become available any time the President declares a major disaster.
“Not only do unemployment benefits help families who are hurting; they also put money into their pockets that they’ll then spend – and their spending will keep other Americans in jobs.”

Robert Reich

Small Business Resources

Operating a small business is tough any time, but especially difficult now. If your business is open, there are resources to help you operate safely.

Student Loans

If you have a qualifying federal student loan, you do not have to pay it now! The CARES Act allows you to not pay your federal student loans until September, and they also won’t accrue interest during this time.


The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act is the largest economic relief bill ever passed in the United States, offering $2.2 trillion to support people and businesses.

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